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Waffle House, Melbourne




Rob Kennon Architects



Landscape Design

Eckersley Garden Architecture


Derek Swalwell

Project review: With careful consideration of the foundational philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement, the essence of materials, craftsmanship, and nature formed the central axis for the new elements of this Queen Anne style family home. Originally designed in 1910 by Christopher Cowper, Waffle House brings together a textural palette of materials and deliberate design to draw life from within the home towards nature. Crafted in our M40 profile with large spans of uninterrupted double glazing, our black steel-framed windows and doors were an integral feature in this project.

The selection of concrete, timber, brass, and steel for the material palette was driven by their simplicity and resilience. The clean and robust design of our black steel-framed windows and doors not only fosters a seamless connection with the garden, designed by the award-winning landscape firm Eckersley Garden Architecture but also aligns with the architect’s intent.

A fusion of large fixed windows and operable awning windows offers unobstructed views of the external surroundings and also facilitates air ventilation, enhancing the relationship between the interior and the natural environment. Towards the rear of the residence our steel-framed sliding door stands as a tangible link to the outdoors, integrating living spaces with nature.

Waffle House is testament to a marriage of modern efficiency with timeless design, and showcases the enduring nature of incorporating steel-frames into period homes.

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