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Metro Steel Windows

Bespoke Design | Exceptional Finish

We are your trusted manufacturer, supplier & installer of modern architectural custom steel windows and doors. When sourcing steel products on behalf of clients, Metro Steel Windows is the ideal partner for a bespoke design, careful fabrication and exceptional finish. We manage end-to-end processing for maximum client satisfaction.


Metro Steel

Steel is known for its structural integrity. Containing no bi-products, steel is 100% recyclable making it a sustainable material that requires minimal maintenance.

The development of the European M40 profile is testament to Metro’s dedication into the ongoing advancements in technology and materials for our clients. Following on from the success of the W40 profile, the M40 profile is a refined, industry leading steel solution. The superior structural integrity of the M40 profile is achieved through its unique design, whilst maintaining the slender lines comparable to the W40 profile.

As a corrosion resistant steel with an exceptional finish, free from imperfections, the M40 profile provides improved energy efficiency due to its double seal, and allows for larger window span due to its increased structural integrity. Accommodating single, double and triple glazing, the M40 profile is suitable for all environments.

Metro Glass

Glass is an important consideration to the aesthetics of your project. Metro Steel Windows can install almost any glass solution, whether it be a classic crystal clear or a feature finish.

Single, double and triple glazing is available with various interlayers available for various environments. Glazing is completed onsite to ensure that perfect fit and finish.

Metro Hardware

We understand that the design and architecture of hardware is as important as the design and architecture of your project, and this is why Metro Steel Windows only accepts the best. Our windows and doors come partnered with European quality hardware and pivot steel doors are manufactured with the finest quality European systems. The precision of these hidden systems means perfection for your project.

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    Our Reach

    Our operations centre is located in Melbourne, however our reach extends to locations all across Australia. Metro Steel Windows has extensive supply and installation capabilities, with the ability to supply international clients as well.

    Our Capacity

    Our procurement process and project management is second to none, with an impeccable and reliable supply chain. Metro Steel Windows can guarantee a competitive lead-time, from approval of shop drawings to delivery of products for installation.

    Our Footprint

    Steel is a sustainable product, as it is 100% recyclable. Metro Steel Windows works with steel because the material helps to create an energy-efficient home, through adding sustainability to heating and cooling practices. We also provide thermally broken systems, which achieve excellence in terms of their thermal and acoustic specifications by incorporating modern technology.

    Our Quality

    Metro Steel Windows offers a wide range of custom framing and glass options that have an exceptional fit and finish. Our steel frames undergo extensive processes, ensuring a lasting and durable standard is upheld. All Metro Steel Windows products are supplied, and can be installed and glazed. Glazing is completed on site after the frame installation, securing all final touches of your desired aesthetic.

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