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Nightingale 2.0, Melbourne


Nightingale 2 Investment Co.




HIP V. HYPE and Six Degrees Architects


Atelier Projects

Project review: The Nightingale 2.0 apartments, located in Fairfield, were designed by Six Degrees Architects and delivered in collaboration between HIP V. HYPE and Six Degrees Architects. The project aligns with the Nightingale Housing Values, which include the principle of building less, while giving more. Nightingale 2.0 won the 2019 BPN Sustainability Awards, in the Multiple Dwelling category.

Our steel windows feature prominently on the ground floor of the block, helping to accentuate the exposed industrial style of the development. Bold, clean black lines provide a focus point for the room, and our large expanses of glass help to bring light to the area. The use of steel as in infinitely recyclable material also helps to contribute to the sustainability principles that Nightingale 2.0 was founded upon.

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