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Lincoln House, Melbourne




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Stephany Rooney

Project review: Located in the vibrant and culturally rich suburb of Yarraville, Lincoln House is a fusion of the old and the new. Preserving and seamlessly integrating the home’s rich period character with modern architectural elements, while meeting the family’s evolving needs, were essential aspects of this renovation. Drawing inspiration from Est Living and The Local Project, the occupants of this 1930s-built Californian bungalow were always attracted to the aesthetics and durability of steel windows and doors, whether in a New York-style loft or an old commercial warehouse.

From the front entrance, refined French oak floorboards guide you to the home’s modern French steel doors. Crafted from our Classic profile, the black steel-framed French doors feature top and side highlights, allowing sunlight to flow from the kitchen and family living areas into the long hallway. The double glazing serves as a sound barrier, shielding the bedrooms and formal lounge from the hustle and bustle of the living space. To the left, the formal sitting room incorporates original ornate features with contemporary dark and moody tones. Our steel-framed doors seamlessly blend the dark and light color palettes.

Through the French doors into the kitchen and living spaces, natural sunlight streams through steel-framed windows and doors. The European oak veneer cabinetry offers a material and color contrast to the black steel frames, making the black steel an architectural feature.

Drawing you outside, our French and sliding steel-framed doors open onto the entertaining area. The burnt timber cladding exterior blends harmoniously with the black steel frames, allowing the windows to offer a glimpse into the soul of the home.

Our steel-framed windows and doors were integral elements in the renovation of Lincoln House. The natural materials and tones throughout the home’s extension complement the timelessness of steel-framed windows and doors.

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