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McKean House, Melbourne


Box Hill


Muller Architects



Project review: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the day-to-day lives of many, and for the occupants of this quintessential 1950’s Melbourne home located in Box Hill, these changes rendered some internal and external spaces non-functional. Renovating to modernise and meet the growing demands of today’s lifestyle, the aim was to achieve a functional home with a timeless design and aesthetic appeal. Metro’s steel doors and windows were a key element in achieving this success.

The black steel frames, curved benches, and natural wood features were essential design elements. Steel-framed doors offer enduring elegance that enhances the classic achromatic color scheme and complements the warmth and natural beauty of wood. The sleek internal steel doors with clear glass were chosen to create three distinct living zones, provide a noise barrier and privacy. The clear glass streamlines visibility and ensures the fluidity of the home is maintained. At nearly 4m wide, the external-facing French steel doors and side windows provide an abundance of natural light to the kitchen and living areas, accentuating the openness of the home and creating a seamless blend between the indoor and outdoor living spaces, making it perfect for multifunctional use.

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