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Annandale Terrace, Sydney




Sam Crawford Architects


Invue Homes

Landscape Design

Spirit Level


Brett Boardman

Project review: Annandale Terrace, located in the inner suburb of Sydney, stands at just over 5 meters wide and provides its residents with an abundance of natural light and airflow, thanks to the remodel and extension led by architect Sam Crawford Architects. With a focus on creating light-filled, elegant minimalist spaces that allow the remarkable art collection to take center stage, our custom-colored steel-framed windows and doors were fundamental.

The neutral material choice and color palette of off-form concrete, Douglas Fir floorboards, white walls, and our silver steel-framed doors and windows allow the pops of color in the client’s art collection to shine as the centerpieces. The use of light through its reflection and the inclusion of strategically placed external and internal steel windows and doors have transformed the inner workings of the home. Large external operable casement steel-framed windows and floor-to-ceiling French steel doors feature heavily, providing airflow and creating a perception of expansiveness.

This sophisticated and modern home transformation has remained true to the project’s focus and has been accomplished with the strategic inclusion of our steel-framed windows and doors.

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