Our steel

Metro Steel Windows works with pliable steel that can be made to your specifications, undergoing a hot-rolled manufacturing process to produce the very best functionality and performance. From our traditional W20 Steel Windows, to our innovative thermally broken windows and systems, we always aim to reflect our environmentally-conscious approach, working with an infinitely recyclable material.

W20 Steel Window

A timeless look, combined with a heritage design: the W20 Steel Window is where it all began.
There’s a reason why a profile created in 1912 remains in-demand today: the W20 profile is a lasting design, with a flexibility accommodating for single and double glazed units.

  • With a profile depth of 32mm, the W20 Steel Window caters for those wanting a slender outline frame.
  • The slimmer profile also highlights the material’s ability to be geometrically manipulated, forming curved shapes while still holding steadfast to its structure.

W40 Steel Window

The W40 Steel Window took the original masterpiece, and refined it further, creating traditional steel windows for a new generation.

  • Based on the successful W20 Steel Window model, this larger profile depth varies from 42 to 47mm, thus allowing for double glazed units up to 27mm in thickness.
  • The increase in profile creates a highly desirable thermal and acoustic capacity – whilst holding on to the simple and clean look.
  • The aesthetic flexibility of the W40 Steel Window showcases the strength of a solid steel profile that allows for grand and striking applications that are otherwise too complex to achieve.


Thermally Broken Steel Window

In a sustainably-minded world, customers are looking for high quality, green design solutions that will last for years to come. Metro Steel Windows is constantly striving and innovating to produce top-tier designs in our customer’s best interests, and our Thermally Broken Steel Window is the solution to all requirements.

  • This thermally insulated, cold rolled, solid steel profile is the result of modern technology integrated into an authentic creation.
  • The Thermally Broken steel window incorporates a high density polyurethane isolator fused into the solid steel frame, creating a high performance thermal barrier.
  • The Thermally Broken Steel Window can house double and triple glazed units up to 37mm, and thrives where more severe climates are present and thermal requirements are high.

Classic Steel Window

Where steel meets simplicity – that’s where you’ll see our Classic Steel Window. With a simply modest, yet effortlessly distinct profile, its unmissable elegance means it’ll be right at home, in any home.

  • When steel framing is a desire and European hot rolled profiles too lavish for the setting, this classic tube profile can achieve your vision.
  • This profile specifically allows larger spanned glazing units a solid foundation, which promotes the materials strength capabilities whilst also achieving a strong and bold sightline.
  • The Classic profile range is available in various sizes dependent on the application.

A lifestyle shop to suit your space

Metro presents ‘Metro Lifestyle’ – the best in modern architecturally inspired steel door and glazing solutions for your home. Our brand-new eCommerce site is coming soon, and allows you to choose off-the-shelf designs to suit your space.

Choose quality for your clients

As a leading supplier for architects, builders, developers and interior designers, we’re focused on delivering seamless and functional bespoke steel window and door solutions. Metro Steel Windows is a leading Australian business, offering an end-to-end service for architecturally designed steel windows and doors including manufacturing, painting and glass installation.