Our Glass

Glazing is the determining touch of any facade, spanning from classic crystal clear, all the way to statement texture and tones. Metro Steel Windows work to your specifications, and can incorporate a selection of interlayers, which makes any setting possible.

Clear and textured glass

Choosing the glass that will surround your steel glass door or steel glass window frames will help to set the mood and the style for your home.

  • Our clear glass allows for an unbroken approach to your facade, with streamlined visibility. Our sourcing and manufacturing process means that we can incorporate a variety of specifications, suiting any environment within your home.
  • Opting for textured glass means that you can focus more on creating a statement. Our Narrow Reed texture combines privacy with style, whilst still allowing for unfettered access to natural light in your space.

Glazing thickness

While the aesthetic of the glass is key to maintaining your vision within your spaces, glass also offers an adaptable aural quality – meaning your choice of thickness can affect the noise levels in your home.

  • Choosing a steel glass window or door for your interior gives you the option of single or double glazing. Single glazing consists of one single piece of glass, compared to double glazing, which is made from two individual pieces of glass. The difference between the two is in the name; one pane of glass, as opposed to two. Double glazing will therefore have an improved thermal efficiency and insulation.
  • We also offer two standard and acoustic glazing, which have an impact on the noise that the glass lets through. Acoustic glass offers a soundproof alternative to Standard glass, with an added internal layer that helps to absorb sound and vibration.

A lifestyle shop to suit your space

Metro presents ‘Metro Lifestyle’ – the best in modern architecturally inspired steel door and glazing solutions for your home. Our brand-new eCommerce site is coming soon, and allows you to choose off-the-shelf designs to suit your space.

Choose quality for your clients

As a leading supplier for architects, builders, developers and interior designers, we’re focused on delivering seamless and functional bespoke steel window and door solutions. Metro Steel Windows is a leading Australian business, offering an end-to-end service for architecturally designed steel windows and doors including manufacturing, painting and glass installation.